Sunday 24 August 2008

Orange & Oat Bars


The original name was Orange & Date bars. I found this simple & quick recipe at Sunita's World and liked it immediately. More so because I had these oats with me for a long time which were waiting to be used somewhere, having left the hope of being consumed as it is, long back!

Since I used lesser amount of dates in the recipe I am calling them Orange & Oat Bars. Except for this small change I followed the exact recipe from Sunita.

20Aug08 236

This is my entry for this month's MBP-Fruit Fare, an event started by Coffee (Spice Cafe) and being hosted by Aparna (My Diverse Kitchen) this month.


  1. I love these energy bars, but never tried them at home! These look good!

  2. Hi Harini, this is my first time with these too! Do give it a try.

  3. Thank you so much for sending these to MBP.
    I admired these at Sunita's and they look really good here too.

  4. Thanks Aparna, its great to be a part of MBP!


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