Sunday 31 August 2008

CLICK: Citrus

My daughter S, who is all of 15 months now, has a lot of toys. 3 big boxes full actually. So much so that nowadays whoever enters the house is greeted by the 6 teddy bears(different sizes), 3 doggies, 2 elephants, 3 balls, rattles, building blocks, rings, a variety of Fish and so on.

Among these  is a set of artificial fruits made up of non toxic plastic-rubber material which make a sound similar to the auto rickshaw horn, when pressed. These were ideal for S, when she was teething (she still is!), she could chew on them all she wanted :) Out of these fruits banana, apple & orange are very much like the real thing.

But when it comes to playing, S prefers things from the kitchen. Utensils, dabbas (boxes) empty as well filled ones, rice & moong dabbas being her favourite, plates, bowls anything & everything that is in her reach. She doesn't even spare the fruits & vegetables, if she happens to lay her hands on them.

On one such occasion last week, she brought the oranges out from the kitchen into the living room or rather her playground. While we were playing with her, GM accidentally picked up the real orange thinking it to be the fake one and was wondering why it was not making the sound. We had a hearty laugh when we realised what it was.

So the next day I reversed things a bit, instead of S getting things from the kitchen into the living room, I took her toy orange into the kitchen and grouped it with the real oranges and went clicking.

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This is my entry for this month's CLICK - Citrus event.


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