Wednesday 30 December 2009

Ring Out the Old, Ring In the New….

First of all, a New Year calls for a new look, so this blog gets a revamp and I hope you will like it. Since this is a new layout, please bear with me if some things don't work right away and do let me know about it. Now on to the post then….










I thought I had an overdose of those best of the year programs they keep showing on the TV at this time of the year. Top 50 songs of the year, top 10 movies of the year, Top 20 News of the year, the significant 10 happenings of the year and so on. And here in UK, they also have the most annoying people of the year. To be very honest I enjoy watching this more than the Top/significant ones. But if all this was not enough, here is my own ‘Best of the Year’ post, thanks to Srivalli.



Year 2009 was a lot quieter and calmer compared to the previous year. Shreya turned 2 yrs old and although she entered what they call ‘the Terrible Twos’ phase, it was a little better to manage my time. Either that or I have got used to cooking, keeping an eye on her, talking/entertaining her and playing with her all at the same time. I can not say the same about my patience though :) But I was able to pay more attention to what I was doing in the kitchen apart from mechanically chopping vegetables, making Rotis and washing utensils.

The most significant achievement for me has been my foray into baking this year. Moving on from the basic Butter cake (Recipe coming soon) I tried my hand at Cookies, Muffins, Breads, Scones and even some layered cakes. I admit that I haven't posted all of them here yet, but they will see the light of this blog soon! As for the cakes, I still have a lot to be desired in the decorating & making it look great department.

Blogging wise, I haven't been really able to increase the posts but I would like to believe that I have been consistent. When I started this blog in March ‘08, I wasn't even sure I will come this far! I did cross the 100 posts mark this year ":)

I have joined the Book Club and also started participating in The ICC. The former has exposed me to Books, which normally I wouldn't pick up to read, at the same time inspiring me to try different things to cook. As for ICC, the Gulab Jamun challenge clinched it for me and I look forward to each month’s challenge now.

2009 also saw a major change in our everyday meals and hence the sudden surge of ‘Healthy eating’, ‘Soups & Salads’ posts. I am not sure how long we will be able to maintain this, but right now its looking quite good.

Although each post is very dear to me, I have tried to come up with the top 3 list and here it is.

Top 3 recipes


Top 3 Bakes

I hope to continue posting different recipes, to try out a lot of recipes from my fellow bloggers and most importantly have a lot of fun in the kitchen in the year 2010. The coming year will also see a few events being hosted on this blog, a completely new arena I am stepping into so I hope I can count on all of your support!

Have a great New Year!

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