Friday 15 July 2011

Testing the waters…

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I know it has been a really long gap, far too much in fact. How do you get back after such a long time? I wanted to come back with a fabulous looking, delicious sounding recipe but that will be taking the readers for granted. How can I expect them to be still around when I, the ‘host’, was no where to be seen for nearly 3 months!

So the purpose of this post is to first of all apologise to everyone who has been regularly checking this space for updates. Apart from that this post also comes to tell you that I am still very much here, although life (read kid, job and other such ‘normal’ activities!) has tried its hardest to steer me away from the blog. I do have a lot of recipes and things to share with you, so I am hoping to see you back here regularly, which in turn means that I will post regularly!

While you are still checking out those cakes from the earlier posts, I thought changing the scenery here at Taste Buds might set us in the mood for things to come!

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