Saturday 31 October 2009

White as snow in August!

It was pure chance that I came to know about Flowerfest. The idea appealed to me instantly. The main reason being that I am very bad  at recognising flowers and that is such a shame because I love flowers so much. I have seen a lot of flowers & I know a lot of names but I cant seem to connect the two together.Picture 154

For example, take this one. I have seen this flower too many times. I know that there is a flower called Daisy. But I had never associated the two. It was only when I googled that I came to know this was indeed a Daisy – African Daisy, the botanical name being Dimorphotheca pluvialis. This snap was taken when we had visited the Leeds castle back in August.


I am hoping to improve my flower knowledge through this series. Thanks Manisha for this event.

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