Monday, 30 March 2009

About Taste Buds

Taste Buds was formed on the spur of the moment in March 2008, although the idea was given a lot of thought before actually going for it. It started as my journal for recipes that I had gathered from various sources such as friends, family, magazines, websites and of course other blogs. It has now transformed into a space where I share a lot of things apart from food, with my virtual friends and hope to make new ones as I go along.

The recipes themselves are a good mix of traditional Indian, restaurant style, healthy and International. While I am thorough with some of them, there are some trials & errors and experiments as well. With these recipes and experiences, I hope to convince, if not inspire, someone who is reluctant to start cooking and enjoy it at the same time.

About me: I am a full time Mom, trying to keep pace with the way my daughter is growing up while pursuing my own love for cooking all things nice. Professionally speaking, I am a Telecommunication Engineer and will get back to active working (out of the house i.e.) very soon. I am an almost true Cancerian and so cooking & feeding happens to be one of my strong traits!

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