Thursday 29 January 2009


Long long ago, once upon a time I had made a crumble or crisp as they are also called. Well, it didn't turn out the way it should have. Might be because of something I did, that I shouldn't have, or something I didn't, that I should have. The bottom line is that it did not see the light of this blog since it was not up to the standards (Ahem!).

I wont go into further details about the crumble itself since this post is not about the dish but the things that went into it.


Yes, it was a Rhubarb & Apple crumble. I had taken this pic with all the intent of posting it along with the recipe, but as mentioned earlier, it was not meant to be. Or rather it was actually meant to be, so this pic makes an appearance on the blog after all as my entry for the comeback edition of CLICK this month, the theme being RED.

Now that I have a little more (?) experience with baking, maybe I should give the crumble another attempt....


  1. thanks for your entry, dear bhagyashri.

  2. Urs click was nice, so finally it made its way into ur blog, though the dish may have flopped.... Should again give it a try girl...


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